More safety: sensor monitoring in mobile machines


With agricultural and forestry machinery and construction vehicles, the inclination, boom length, and displacement measurement at the supports, among other things, are essential parameters for safe operation. Draw-wire and inclination sensors from Micro-Epsilon are a proven solution for series applications. They are designed to operate accurately and reliably even under harsh operating conditions such as dirt or jerky movements. These sensors help to prevent accidents as well as to increase the performance of the machines.

NEW: inertialSENSOR INC5502D

The new single- and dual-axis inertialSENSOR INC5502D inclination sensors enable accurate angular measurements during dynamic movements. The new sensorFUSION algorithm optimally compensates for interferences such as impacts, centrifugal forces and vibrations. With their robustness and temperature stability as well as an optimal price-performance ratio, they are ideally suited to series applications in construction, agricultural and forestry machinery as well as cranes and ships.

Advantages at a glance

  • Dynamic accuracies up to ± 0.3° in series applications
  • Unique sensorFusion algorithm for interference-compensated angle measurement, even with sudden movements, shocks and vibrations
  • 1-axis and 2-axis inclination measurement
  • Versatile interfaces: analog (current or voltage) and digital (CANopen and SAE J1939 interface)


Draw-wire sensors are used whenever large distances and movements are measured by contact. Draw-wire sensors from Micro-Epsilon have a very compact and robust design. The wireSENSOR models impress with an ideal ratio of measuring range to size, easiest mounting and handling. Their sensor designs enables reliable measurements even under difficult environmental conditions. Due to their excellent price-performance ratio, the wireSENSOR models are ideal for industrial series use.

Advantages at a glance

  • Distance and position measurements between 50 mm and 50,000 mm
  • Ideal for difficult-to-access positions
  • Fast and flexible installation
  • Compact sensor housing combined with a large measuring range
  • High operational safety & long service life
  • Analog and digital outputs

Fields of application at a glance

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