Industrial distance measurements using robust draw-wire sensors


Micro-Epsilon’s wireSENSOR WPS-K draw-wire sensors are designed for industrial displacement and distance measurements. These stand out due to their precision and reliability. Furthermore, they are easy to install. Their price/performance ratio makes these draw-wire sensors a particularly favorable solution for series applications both for indoor and outdoor applications.

Specially for industrial applications involving a large number of pieces in OEM applications, the wireSENSOR WPS-K100 draw-wire sensors from Micro-Epsilon are an economical solution. They solve measurement tasks with the highest precision and are at the same time in an economical price range.

The glass fiber-reinforced plastic housing with separate drum and spring spaces protect the sensor from external influences, which enables its use indoors and outdoors.

The measuring range, the wire thickness or the choice of outputs can be easily adapted to individual measurements tasks at any time.

The sensors work with measuring ranges from 1.5 m to 5 m and primarily solve distance and position measurements in mobile machinery, cranes and in lifting technologies.

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