Eddy current sensors with clamping for special installation conditions and small measuring ranges


The eddyNCDT ES-U1-T and ES-U3-T displacement sensors are new to the Micro-Epsilon portfolio. Both sensor types can be fastened via clamping. This offers several advantages: the sensors are not subject to torsional stress, the clamping point minimizes the thermal expansion in the measuring direction and high temperature stability is achieved.

The new eddyNCDT ES-U1-T and ES-U3-T inductive eddy current sensors are designed for small measuring ranges of 1 and 3 mm respectively. They can be combined with the powerful eddyNCDT controllers, which enables precise displacement and position measurements in a wide range of applications.

Mounting the sensors via a clamp reduces cable stress by eliminating the frequent twisting that occurs with a conventional thread. The sensors have a defined clamping point, which minimizes thermal expansion in the measuring direction and achieves high temperature stability.

The new sensors are operated with the eddyNCDT 3060 controller. Therefore, the sensors can even be used in challenging industrial applications in plant and machine building, the automotive industry and automation technology. They also solve measurement tasks in test benches.

The 5-point linearization, which is possible using the DT3061 controller, enables even higher measurement accuracy. Furthermore, the DT3061 offers switching and temperature outputs and allows the storage of multiple characteristic curves. Parameter set up is performed via a modern, user-friendly web interface that is accessed via an Ethernet interface.

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