Thermal imaging cameras monitor the initial charge in battery production


Modern sensors monitor numerous process steps in battery production. One of these production steps is the initial charging and discharging of battery cells. Thermal imaging cameras from Micro-Epsilon provide important information here about the temperature distribution and possible short circuits.

Micro-Epsilon offers a large range of compact thermal imaging cameras that detect wide temperature ranges from -20 °C to +2450 °C. The thermoIMAGER TIM thermal imaging cameras monitor and control temperature-critical processes. Due to their compact and industrial-grade design, the cameras are used in various industrial applications such as the monitoring of battery cells during the initial charging process.

Initial charging and discharging of battery cells is considered a critical process. Thermal imaging cameras from Micro-Epsilon are therefore used to detect hotspots, recognize temperature deviations and serve for early fire detection. They provide information about the distribution of the temperature, which also gives indications of possible short circuits.

The measurement results can be output via USB 2.0 to a PC. The license-free TIMConnect software visualizes and records the detected temperature data as thermal images. The cameras are immediately ready for use. Control and parameter set up is via software. This non-contact measuring principle is wear-free. The cameras can be used in process automation, test stations, R&D and mobile measurement tasks.

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