Sensor system for precise turbidity measurement of liquids


The smart and precise CFO100 colorSENSORs from Micro-Epsilon impress in liquid turbidity measurements with their high color accuracy and repeatability. During the textile dyeing process, for example, they continuously detect the water color, which allows conclusions to be drawn about the color concentration present.

Liquids are ubiquitous in industrial manufacturing processes, for example in sewage treatment plants, drinking water treatment, the chemical & pharmaceutical industry or in food production. The color or turbidity of the liquids allows conclusions to be drawn about both process and product quality. A change in liquid color can mean a change in quality in dyeing processes, for example. The color concentration is 100% at the beginning. In the subsequent washing cycle, the concentration must be < 25% or optimally at 0%, which corresponds to clear water.

The colorSENSOR CFO100 controller from Micro-Epsilon is used together with the CFS3-A30 transmission sensor for this application. When water is pumped via a secondary arm through a glass tube, which is illuminated from behind with the transmission fibers of the CFS3 sensor. The controller analyzes and classifies the color opacity. The determined color value is then output directly to the process control. The measurement can be carried out either from the outside on the pipe or directly in the water.

The sensors for the turbidity measurement reliably detect minor color changes, which means that the sensors contribute to maintaining the highest quality standards. In addition, they significantly simplify testing processes, since laborious and cost-intensive sampling with laboratory analysis is no longer necessary. Up to 320 colors in 254 color groups can be taught.

Operation is intuitive via the web interface. In addition to high accuracy, the sensor system impresses with a favorable price/performance ratio.

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