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Precise long-range laser sensor for large measurement distances

Long-Range-Lasersensor für große Messabstände

The new optoNCDT 1760-1000 long-range laser sensor is designed for accurate and high speed measurements from a greater distance. The sensor has a measuring range of 1000 mm and allows fast measurements up to 7.5 kHz. Due to the offset distance of 1000 mm, measurements over ranges up to 2 m are possible. The optoNCDT 1760-1000 is parameterized via the user-friendly web interface, which can also be used to display measured values and video signals.

The long-range laser sensor is mainly used when, for example, measurements must be taken over long distances or the sensor cannot be mounted in the direct vicinity of the measuring object due to heat radiation and possible collisions with moving machine parts.

The real-time surface compensation feature determines the reflectance of the target during the current exposure and controls it in real time. This allows reliable measurements to be made on numerous surfaces, providing high application flexibility with this sensor.