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New sensors from Micro-Epsilon — 2023

Sensors from Micro-Epsilon are extremely compact, smart and profitable. We offer you a wide range of innovative sensor solutions from laser sensors and scanners to robust eddy current sensors for high precision displacement measurements and True Color sensors.

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optoNCDT: Powerful laser sensors for series integration in automation & machine building

The latest optoNCDT sensors have set milestones for industrial laser measurements. Whether for displacement, distance or thickness measurements, Micro-Epsilon laser sensors are considered one of the best in their class. They are used, e.g., in measurement and monitoring tasks in factory automation, robotics, battery production, electronics production and vehicle construction.


  • New: now with integrated EtherCAT interface
  • Measure displacement, distance & thickness on numerous surfaces
  • Ideal for automation, production monitoring and test bench
  • High measurement accuracy & measuring rate
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio for industrial serial applications

Details about optoNCDT 1220

Details about optoNCDT 1900

surfaceCONTROL 3D: High precision 3D snapshot sensors

The surfaceCONTROL 3D 3500 sets new standards in 3D measurement technology. This 3D snapshot sensor is designed for inline inspection of geometry, shape and surface in the production line. With a z-axis repeatability of up to 0.4 µm, the sensor reaches a new level of precision and detects the smallest deviations in flatness and height. The measurement is performed on diffuse reflecting surfaces such as metals, plastics and ceramics based on high speed data processing.


  • Highest repeatability up to 0.4 µm
  • Large measuring volume up to 2.2 million 3D points/sec.
  • Easy integration in all common 3D image processing packets
  • Ideal for operators & integrators

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scanCONTROL: Laser profile scanner for accurate 2D/3D measurements

scanCONTROL 30xx laser profile scanners set a new performance level in high precision profile measurements. The innovative HDR exposure control provides optimized measurement results even on inhomogeneous surfaces. With 2048 measuring points per profile and a profile frequency up to 10 kHz, laser scanners are suitable for dynamic measurement tasks. Even the highest requirements for resolution and accuracy in automation, production and process monitoring are no match for these advanced laser profile sensors.


  • Now compatible with 3Dinspect for inline 3D measurements
  • Precise laser line scanners for profile measurements & 3D point clouds
  • Red laser & patented Blue Laser Technology
  • One sensor design for all measuring ranges

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interferoMETER: White light interferometer for ultra-precise distance & thickness measurements

With a resolution of < 30 pm, the interferoMETER sensors from Micro-Epsilon achieve highest precision in optical measurement technology. Thanks to the absolute measurement, the scanning is performed with high signal stability. Depending on the application, three different models are available: the IMS5400-DS for extremely precise and industrial distance measurements, the IMS5400-TH for precise thickness measurements, and the IMS5600-DS with vacuum-suitable design for distance measurements of subnanometer accuracy.


  • New: now with multi-peak distance measurement and multi-layer thickness measurement
  • Absolute distance measurement for edges and steps
  • Distance-independent thickness measurement of glass and plastics
  • Subnanometer accuracy for industrial measurement tasks

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optoNCDT: ILR2250Laser distance sensors for precise distance & position measurements

With the optoNCDT ILR2250-100, Micro-Epsilon presents a new powerful laser distance sensor. The sensor is designed for operation with or without reflector film, which is used depending on the distance and ambient conditions. The sensor measures large distances without contact and provides best results even on challenging (dark, structured or weakly reflecting) surfaces.

Best-in-class sensors

  • Compact design and high accuracy
  • High signal stability even on challenging surfaces
  • Ideal for indoor & outdoor applications

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induSENSOR: Inductive sensors in various measurement tasks & industries

The latest MSC controller is designed to be operated with LVDT and LDR measuring gauges and displacement sensors. Due to their robust and compact aluminum housing, the controllers are ideal for industrial measurement tasks. A wide variety of intercompatible, inductive sensors and gauges based on an outstanding price/performance ratio opens up numerous fields of applications in automation technology and machine building.


  • Single- and multi-channel controller for industrial measurement tasks
  • Compact designs, ideal for integration into machinery
  • Compatible with all LVDT & LDR sensors
  • Ideal price/performance ratio for serial applications

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wireSENSOR: K100 Draw-wire sensors for industrial applications

The wireSENSOR WPS-K is designed for industrial applications involving a large number of pieces. It offers high performance at a low price. Due to their modular design, the sensors can be adapted quickly and easily to the respective measurement task. The K-series sensors are used for industrial measurement tasks where high requirements with best price-performance are needed.


  • Large measuring ranges and high accuracy
  • Compact design for flexible integration
  • Ideal for OEM adaptions and industrial serial applications

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confocalDT: confocalDT IFS2407-0,1 measures with highest precision

The confocalDT IFS2407-0,1 sensor opens up new fields of application in precision, confocal displacement and thickness measurements. Resolutions up to 3 nm enable this compact sensor to perform measurements at the highest accuracies. The sensor copes with large tilt angles while offering a small light spot size of 3 µm, which enables high precision roughness measurements. Thickness measurements of transparent materials are possible from just 5 µm.


  • New: confocalDT 2456/2466 2-channel controller with 30 kHz measuring rate
  • Distance and thickness measurements with high resolution
  • Light-intensive sensor variant for high speed processes (NA 0.7)
  • Almost surface-independent, ideal for mirrors and glass
  • Thickness measurement of transparent objects from 5 µm

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